Crokinole Maintenance & Care

Crokinole boards for the most part are relatively low-maintenance bits of kit but there are a few things you can do to ensure optimal play after continued use. This quick guide gives you some general tips for how to best care for your board.


It is worth noting all the boards we offer come pre-waxed meaning they are ready to play out of the box - however the lacquering is “fresh” which means you may wish to top up with additional wax if you notice any slow down with your pucks during play.

Applying wax is simple, either using our dedicated Crokinole wax kit or using the bundled bottle of wax and cloth with your Woodestic board. First wipe down your board to ensure it is clear of any dust, powder and fingerprints. Then apply around 6 - 8 drops of wax to the playing surface at a roughly equal distribution to ensure an even spread.

Then take a small cloth and carefully apply a small amount of pressure to the playing surface, moving in fast circular motions. Once finished going over the entire playing area, quickly apply a larger cloth with firm pressure to the board until the wax disappears.

The board should now be properly waxed, take notice that the pucks will likely slide a lot more than you are used to - especially if you haven’t waxed for a while.

In terms of frequency, most people will want to wax their board initially after one month then going forward every 2 - 3 months. Though this may vary depending on the frequency of use and preference.

Microscopic Scratches

Inevitably, through play there will be a minor build up of microscopic scratches, this is totally normal and nothing that will in anyway affect play nor aesthetics of the board.

However you can help limit the formation of these microscopic scratches by using gliss powder during play and regularly waxing - thus ensuring that the pucks don’t generate excessive friction with the playing surface of the board.


Storing your board will largely depend on the circumstances in which you intend to play it. If you remain in one location then often a good choice is to mount the board to the wall, this means the board is stored safely out of the way and isn’t likely to be knocked or fall over causing damage.

Alternatively for players regularly on the move, investing in a Crokinole carry case is a perfect way to keep your board protected from knocks and the elements, while also making it easier to carry. Great for when visiting friends or attending events.

Lastly another consideration for those storing their board on the wall, it is advisable to store your board out of direct sunlight to avoid any distortion or discolouration of the wood.